Great Northern Brewery holds the title of the tallest building in Whitefish, Montana. If only by a few feet, it does so because of the weathervane that our founder placed atop our brewhouse. The weathervane symbolizes a time in his past - its an exact replica of the weathervane in which his great-great grandfather adorned the family brewery in downtown Portland, Oregon - the Blitz-Weinhard Brewery.

Today this iconic ornament twists and turns with the winds of the changing seasons - an inspiration for the styles and flavors of the 2015 Weathervane Series.

GOB 2015.png

Guy on a Buffalo

Made with cold-brewed coffee from our neighbors and friends at Montana Coffee Traders, we steep forty pounds of freshly roasted beans. The result is a clean coffee low in acidity, making it the perfect addition  to our rich and malty stout. Who knows, you just might find it pairs well with pancakes. 

Release Date - February 27th, 2015
Style - Stout
ABV - 5.4%    IBU’s - 29 
Malts - Pale, Chocolate, Caramel    
Hops - Millennium
Yeast - Ale    
Appearance - dark brown

Frog Hop Wet Hopped Pale Ale

We've fostered an annual tradition of hand plucking hops grown here in the Flathead Valley. Frog Hop includes varieties of hops from our friends at Purple Frog Gardens, as well as other varieties that come in from local growers at the brewery’s annual Hop Swap. This year’s batch includes some of the first cones from the Glacier Hops Ranch research project, located just down the road from our brewery. Within 24 hours of being plucked from their vine, the hops are added to the boiling kettle. The result is a balance of malt & fresh grassy hop character...together for a cornucopia of flavors perfect for fall.

Release Date - September 30th, 2015
Style - Fresh Hopped Pale Ale
ABV - 5.2%    IBU’s - 40
Malts - Two Row Pale
Hops - Nugget, Cascade, Chinook, Mt. Hood, Gilena, 
Brewer’s Gold, Centennial (for bittering), & Flathead Valley hops
Yeast - American Ale
Appearance - pale yellow

Big Mtn 2015.png

Big Mountain Tea Pale ale

An American style pale ale that’s enhanced with copious amounts of  Earl Grey tea leaves. The black leaves are added to the boil which extracts the earthy tea qualities, and the citrusy bergamot oil that makes Earl Grey so distinct. We guarantee you’ve not had a beer like this before...cheerio!

Release Date - June 12th, 2015
Style - Pale Ale
ABV - 5.2%    IBU’s - 45
Malts - 2 Row Pale, Munich & Caramel
Hops - Millennium & Mosaic
Yeast - Ale
Appearance - warm gold

The Cadillac Black ipa

Before the Great Northern Brewery was built on the corner of Railway Street and Central Avenue, the Cadillac Hotel stood for hospitality to all those arriving by rail to the newly incorporated town of Whitefish in the early 1900's. Whether you're in Whitefish or not, The Cadillac, a hoppy winter warmer, is sure to help you embrace the bite of the cold days ahead.

Release Date - December 8th, 2015
Style - Black IPA
ABV - 8.3%    IBU’s - 80
Yeast - American Ale
Appearance - black