Great Northern Brewery holds the title of the tallest building in Whitefish, Montana. If only by a few feet, it does so because of the weathervane that our founder placed atop our brewhouse. The weathervane symbolizes a time in his past - its an exact replica of the weathervane in which his great-great grandfather adorned the family brewery in downtown Portland, Oregon - the Blitz-Weinhard Brewery.

Today this iconic ornament twists and turns with the winds of the changing seasons - an inspiration for the styles and flavors of the 2016 Weathervane Seasonals.

Fata Morgana 2016.png

Fata Morgana

As the days of winter lengthen in northwest Montana, we often get the benefits of sunny afternoons up on Big Mountain. If the conditions are just right, the refraction of the sun’s rays form an unusual image of superior mirage. Objects can appear distorted and in some cases unrecognizable. Neighboring mountain tops can even appear as though they are floating in thin air! Fata Morgana - you’ve gotta taste it to believe it.

Release Date
February 26th, 2016

Frog Hop Wet Hopped Pale Ale

Since 2007, we’ve been committed to cultivating Montana-grown hops. Our investment in the concept has proven worthy, and fresh hopped ale has become a tradition around here each fall. Frog Hop was brewed as a light bodied ale, allowing the unique aromas only present in wet hops to shine through. In most drying processes, two of the four aromatic oils evaporate, but with Frog Hop, you get a true taste of the northwest Montana hop harvest.

Release Date
September 29th, 2016


1933 2016.png


The year is 1933, and the National Park Service has just dedicated the Going to the Sun highway in Glacier. End to end, the road spans 53 miles and climbs to Logan Pass at nearly 6,700 feet. From the road, visitors can view some of the cleanest and brightest natural wonders in the world! To celebrate this monumental feet of engineering, we brewed this incredibly bright and clean pilsner, hopped in the tradition of American-style ales.

Release Date
June 9th, 2016



You almost can’t take your eyes off of it...the late afternoon sun is striking the snowy mountain tops, causing them to glow vibrantly with hues of blue, yellow, orange and even purple - an Alpenglow! Especially after a long day on the ski hill, it’s warming to see such a site. With Alpenglow Belgian Tripel, you’ll also find warmth, and you may have a hard time taking your hands off of it too. Alpenglow Belgian Tripel - triple the malt, triple the goodness.

Release Date
December 1st, 2016