The  PINTS WITH PURPOSE  program has grown to be an element of our community involvement that we’re very proud of. In January of 2011, we announced the opportunity for local non-profit organizations to raise awareness and dollars while enjoying a few of our beers. Since then, we have helped organizations raise over $20,000. The founding principles of the Pints with Purpose program remain the same today; we seek to help inspire community awareness of the mission, values and needs of the many non-profit organizations within the Valley. Pints with Purpose has a simple premise – great people coming together to drink great beer, all for a great cause. Nothing more, nothing less. 

How does Pints with Purpose work? It’s pretty simple. To start, we provide our facility as a venue. Second, we’ll donate $1 for every pint of beer or glass of wine sold on the Pints with Purpose date.

If you think this is something your organization would like to get involved with, please click here to apply today.

Are you a non-profit organization looking for a donation?

Please click here for our Donation Request form. Please note that as a supplier of an alcoholic beverage we must comply with Federal and State laws when considering any opportunities. Please submit your request after carefully reviewing the conditions below.

  1. All requests must be submitted at a minimum of 2 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EVENT.

  2. Great Northern Brewing Company assumes NO liability or responsibility for any event in which Great Northern products are donated or served.

  3. If applicable, EVERYONE must pay a deposit for all keg equipment. Deposits will only be forfeited if keg equipment is not returned or damaged.

  4. Incomplete applications will not be considered. You have the option to edit your application even after you submit it.