Big Mountain Tea Pale Ale

An American style pale ale that’s enhanced with copious amounts of
Earl Grey tea leaves. The black leaves are added to the boil which extracts
the earthy tea qualities, and the citrus-y bergamot oil that makes Earl Grey so distinct. We guarantee you’ve not had a beer like this before...cheerio!

Style - Pale Ale
ABV - 5.2%    IBU’s - 45
Malts - 2 Row Pale, Munich & Caramel
Hops - Millennium & Mosaic
Yeast - Ale
Appearance - warm gold


Powder ninja Porter

This fearless porter packs a punch (and nunchuck). It has a rich, smooth, chocolate flavor with a hint of smoke but would never you with a burnt taste. 

Style - Porter
ABV - 6.3%    IBU’s - 48
Malts - Montana 2-Row Pale, Wheat, Chocolate, Carafa, Munich & Beech-Smoked
Hops - Cluster & CTZ
Yeast - Ale
Appearance - Dark Brown


Driftboat Amber ale

Brewed exclusively for MacKenzie River Pizza and available at all of their locationsA very drinkable ale for pairing with everything from pizza to pasta. Driftboat is a moderately hopped American Amber Ale with notes of fresh bread and complex, even slightly sweet, malt flavors...all classic aromas expected from a true northwestern amber ale.

Style - Amber
IBU’s - 35
ABV - 5.5%
Malts - Belgian Biscuit, Caramel, Munich, Two Row
Hops - Columbus, Tomahawk, Zeus, Cascade & Mt. Hood
Yeast - American Ale
Appearance - Amber


Bluebird Day Double IPA

An IPA that's double the fun.

Style - American Double IPA
ABV -  8.6%   IBU’s - 65
Malts - Caramel, Montana 2-Row Pale & Caramel
Hops - CTZ, Galaxy, Mosaic & Apollo
Yeast - Ale
Appearance - pale gold


SnowGhost Winter Lager

Rich & malty, with a distinct but balanced hop character. The perfect beer to warm up with after a long day of skiing!

Style - Winter Lager
IBU’s - 34
ABV - 5.9%
Malts - Pale, Caramel, Light & Dark Munich, Honey & Chocolate
Hops - Millenium & Willamette
Yeast - Lager
Appearance - Dark Amber



Hellroaring Ale

Exclusively on tap at Hellroaring Saloon during ski season at Whitefish Mountain Resort. 

Style - Amber
IBU’s - 27
ABV - 5.1%
Malts - Caramel, Two Row, Munich
Hops - Cascade, Mt. Hood
Yeast - Ale
Appearance - Amber


Big Fog

A big amber beer that's malty with enough hop presence to balance.

Style - American ESB
IBU’s - 46
ABV - 6%
Malts - Pale, Dark Munich, Caramel, & Honey Malt
Hops - Nugget & Willamette
Yeast - American Ale
Appearance - Deep Amber


Buckin' Horse Pilsner

A Czech-style pilsner with a crisp body & Saaz hop flavor & aroma.

Style - Pilsner
IBU’s - 40
ABV - 5.7%
Malts - Pilsner & Vienna
Hops - German Herkules & Czech Saaz
Yeast - Lager
Appearance - Straw


Packstring Porter

This sessionable, robust porter is a classic example of its style. Its clean finish won’t linger on your palate. As the beer warms up in your pint glass, the dark chocolate flavors will open up and become transcendent. 

Style - American Porter
ABV - 5.75%   IBU’s - 35
Malts - Two Row, Pale, Wheat, Dark Caramel, Chocolate, Munich, Carafa, & Biscuit
Hops - Summit & Mt. Hood
Yeast - American Ale
Appearance - chocolate brown


Fred’s Black Lager

A dark beer with a soft bite, Fred’s is brewed using a special de-bittered dark malt, fermented cold & lagered at least 4 weeks. A smooth brew with light roastiness.

Style - German Schwarzbier (Black Beer)
IBU’s - 28
ABV - 4.9%
Malts - Pale, Dark Munich, German Carafa & Chocolate
Hops - Millennium, Czech Saaz & Hallertauer Mittlefruh
Yeast - Lager
Appearance - Black