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Firkin Tapping

Join us in a new Draught House tradition - the occasional tapping of a firkin keg! 

Coming up on the docket is a Lupulin Wheatfish!

Traditionally Cask-Conditioned Wheatfish with a healthy dose of Simcoe Lupulin powder for an earthy, citrus, piney twist on Wheatfish. We're excited to try out a brand new product called LupuLN2 (Lupulin powder developed by using a cryogenic separation process by YCH hops).

Some background on firkins:
Firkin beer is unpasteurized and naturally carbonated and conditioned inside the firkin through the use of active yeast. It is typically served at a slightly warmer temperature than usual to allow for the yeast to stay active and keep the beer carbonated. In terms of size, a firkin is equal to just under 11 don't miss out!

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Firkin Tapping
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