Our Beers

Great Northern Year-round Flagships


Wheatfish Wheat Lager

Combining the best aspects of three major types of beer, Wheatfish is brewed like a German wheat beer, cold-fermented, aged like a lager, & hopped (three separate additions of cascade hops), like an American ale. The wheat contributes a full body & light spiciness. The hops give citrus hints & the finish is crisp & smooth. Low in  bitterness & very drinkable.

Style - American Wheat Lager (with yeast)

IBU’s (international bittering units) - 13

ABV (alcohol by volume) - 4.75%

Malts - Wheat, Pilsner, Pale & Light Munich

Hops - Cascade & Millennium

Yeast - Lager

Appearance - cloudy & pale



Wild Huckleberry Wheat Lager

A light lager blended with real Montana huckleberry juice. Not bitter or overly sweet; extremely refreshing.

Style - American wheat lager with fruit

IBU’s - 11

ABV - 4.6%

Malts - Wheat, Pilsner, & Vienna

Hops - Millennium

Yeast - Lager

Appearance - slightly hazy & pale



Going to the Sun IPA

A true IPA that is designed to be more drinkable & refreshing than typical IPA’s. Citrus Cascade flavors dominate the palate, but don’t overwhelm.

Style - American IPA

IBU’s - 54

ABV - 5.7%

Malts - Pale & Caramel

Hops - Cascade, Columbus & Centennial

Yeast - American Ale

Appearance - gold to light amber



Good Medicine Imperial Red Ale

Good Medicine is a rich and malty red ale that is nicely balanced with a great deal of hop character and fruity ale character. It’s higher ABV truly makes this Good Medicine.

Style - Imperial Ale

IBU’s - high

ABV - 8%

Malts - Pale, Dark Munich, Caramel, Honey

Hops - Cluster & Willamette

Yeast - American Ale

Appearance - reddish copper



Highlander Scottish Red

A smooth Scottish (not Scotch-style) ale with a rich complex malt bill, Highlander isn’t too heavy or too light. A great session beer.

Style - Scottish Export

IBU’s - 19

ABV - 4.6%

Malts - Pale, Munich, Caramel, Honey, Chocolate

Hops - Willamette

Yeast - American Ale

Appearance - deep ruby red



The 2014 Weathervane Series


Guy on a Buffalo Coffee Stout – January 23, 2014

Guy on a Buffalo Coffee Stout is made with cold-brewed coffee from our neighbors and friends at Montana Coffee Traders. We steep forty pounds of freshly roasted beans in our lauter tun for 24 hours in nearly-freezing water. The result is a clean coffee low in acidity, making it the perfect addition to our rich and malty stout. Who knows, you just might find it pairs well with pancakes.

Style - Stout

IBU’s - 30

ABV - 5.1%

Malts - Pale, Chocolate, Caramel

Hops - Millennium

Yeast - Ale

Appearance - dark brown


Equinox Single Hopped Pale Ale – March 5th, 2014

Twice a year, the sun's rays strike the earth at the equator, and the length of day is equal to night. In March, the hemispheres share a change of season - in the north it's the first day of spring, in the south it's the first day of fall. Equinox Pale Ale brings the Australian hop harvest home to Montana. The citrusy, grassy and tropical character of Galaxy hops remind us why freshly harvested hops have no equal.

Style – Pale Ale

IBU’s - 50

ABV - 5.3%

Malts – Pale and Caramel

Hops - Galaxy

Yeast - Ale

Appearance – Pale/straw


Empire Builder Imperial Pilsner – April 24th, 2014

The Great Northern Railway started the Empire Builder passenger train route in 1929 as a way of connecting Chicago to the west coast. Empire Builder Imperial Pilsner connects two beer styles - it's brewed with a big pilsner malt bill, hopped like American pale ale, and of course is lagered as every pilsner should be. Hop on and enjoy new territories of taste... All aboard!

Style – Bohemian Pilsner

IBU’s - 45

ABV - 7.3%

Malts – Pilsner

Hops – Super Styrian and Mount Hood

Yeast - Lager

Appearance – Pale/straw


Amber Waves of Grain American Lager – June 18th, 2014

What better way to celebrate American independence than with a beer in hand!? With Amber Waves of Grain, you'll find a flavor that's as comforting as apple pie. This lager honors the style of traditional American beer making, along with all that's expected from a craft brewer - Montana malt, pure glacier water, and northwestern hops. Free yourself with a bottle of Amber Waves of Grain American Lager.

Style – American Lager (pre-prohibition)

IBU’s - 25

ABV - 5.3%

Malts – Pale, Pilsner and Caramel

Hops - Saaz

Yeast - Lager

Appearance – Pale/straw


Dark and Ominous – November 20th, 2014

Dark and Ominous may roll onto your tongue with a shocking personality. Brewed with portions of cara wheat malt, molasses, oak chips, ginger and vanilla, this ale delivers a storm of flavors. Dark and Ominous is full bodied with a rich amber color while maintaining an even keel with earthy Willamette hops. This ale brings something new to the horizon - take shelter and try to pour slowly."

Style – Very difficult to categorize!

IBU’s - 45

ABV – 7.7%

Malts – Pale, Caramel, Carawheat

Hops – Willamette

Special ingredients – Ginger, vanilla, molasses, oak chips

Yeast - Ale

Appearance – Black


iSanto Dios! – December 11th, 2014

You’ll likely take your first sip and say “oh my goodness!” aloud. Although 'tis the season, ¡Santos Dios! 'tis not a session beer ~ it’s packed with the flavors of cocoa, the aromas of poblano peppers, and the heat of 8.7% alcohol by volume. On top of all that, it's a stout! In these months of winter celebrations, we tend to eat a lot ~ ¡Santo Dios! just might seem like you’re drinking a joyous meal."

Style – Mole Stout

IBU’s - 45

ABV – 8.7%

Malts – Pale, Caramel, Chocolate

Hops – Millenium

Special ingredients – Cocoa, poblano peppers, mole

Yeast - Ale

Appearance – Black



Reoccurring Seasonals


SnowGhost Winter Lager - Retiring after Winter '13/'14

Rich & malty, with a distinct but balanced hop character. The perfect

beer to warm up with after a long day of skiing! Released November 1st, each year.

Style - Winter Lager

IBU’s - 34

ABV - 5.9%

Malts - Pale, Caramel, Light & Dark Munich, Honey & Chocolate

Hops - Millenium & Willamette

Yeast - Lager

Appearance - dark amber



Frog Hop Fresh Hopped Pale Ale – September 24th, 2014

An annual local favorite! Fresh hopped with local Flathead Valley hops,

hand-picked within 24 hours of the brew. Intense citrusy hops & green

grassy notes dominate the flavor & aroma. Released October 7th, 2013. 

Style - Fresh hopped American Pale Ale

IBU’s - varies with each year’s harvest

ABV - 5%

Malts - Pale & Caramel

Hops - freshly picked Cascade, Mt. Hood, Noble & Chinook

Yeast - American Ale

Appearance - pale golden


Tea Pale Ale (TPA) – May 22nd, 2014

The return of the 2012 summer release; a pale ale is infused with

Earl Grey Tea & flavored with bergmot. Released May 3rd, 2013.

Style - Pale Ale

IBU’s - 50

ABV - 5%

Malts - Pale, Caramel

Hops - Summit, Simcoe, Calypso, Citra

Yeast - Ale

Appearance - pale gold


Oktoberfest – Late September 2014

A classic German Märzenbier. Malty lager that has a smooth finish,

biscuity with enough hops to know they’re there. Available at the

Draught House & Whitefish Oktoberfest only. Released October 4th, 2013.

Style - German Märzenbier

ABV - 5.6%

Hops - Northern Brewer & Hallertau

Yeast - Lager     

Appearance - Copper



Retired Beers*

*subject to come out of retirement


Fata Morgana

A Belgian strong  ale that packs a punch & has a fruity character,

typical of true Belgian beers. Released March 1st, 2013.

Style - Belgian Strong

IBU’s - 26

ABV - 6.5%

Malts - Pale, Wheat, Cara-Belge, Cara-Wheat, Belgian Candi-Sugar

Hops - Summit & Hallertauer

Yeast - Belgian Ardennes

Appearance - light brown


Fred’s Black Lager

A dark beer with a soft bite, Fred’s is brewed using a special de-bittered

dark malt, fermented cold & lagered at least 4 weeks. A smooth brew with

light roastiness.

Style - German Schwarzbier (Black Beer)

IBU’s - 28

ABV - 4.9%

Malts - Pale, Dark Munich, German Carafa & Chocolate

Hops - Millennium, Czech Saaz & Hallertauer Mittlefruh

Yeast - Lager

Appearance - black


Buckin’ Horse Pilsner

A Czech-style pilsner with a crisp body & Saaz hop flavor & aroma.

Style - Bohemian Pilsner

IBU’s - 27

ABV - 5/1%

Malts - Pilsner & Vienna

Hops - Czech Saaz & Millennium

Yeast - Lager


Appearance - straw