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Driftboat Amber is the perfect pairing with everything from pizza to pasta. Moderately hopped with notes of fresh bread and complex, Driftboat has subtle sweet, malt flavors, and all classic aromas expected from a true northwestern amber ale.

Style - Amber
IBU’s - 28
ABV - 4.9%
Malts - Belgian Biscuit, Caramel, Munich, Two Row
Hops - Columbus, Cascade, & Mt. Hood
Yeast - American Ale
Appearance - Amber

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We're proud to be in partnership with Glacier Distilling Company in the production of Wheatfish Whiskey and Two Med Whiskey.

How do you turn a great beer into a great whiskey, you ask? It starts from the simplest of ingredients: sun-kissed wheat that is thoughtfully grown under the Big Sky and pure glacial water.  What makes this spirit unique is the people who can see the complex beauty in something so simple. We ferment a custom mash of wheat and barley, based on the Wheatfish or Good Medicine's grainbill, for Glacier Distilling Company at the brewery.  They then distill the mash into a whiskey and age it in oak barrels for just the right amount of time needed to create a delicious spirit.

Glacier Distilling's spirits are for people who take the time to cherish the simple things — so here’s to living! Visit glacierdistilling.com for more information about Wheatfish Whiskey, Two Med and Glacier Distilling Company.